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Tommarow is my first College concert....oh yippie..I hate the music… - My journal of complete worthless nonsense [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 8th, 2004|12:10 am]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |La Ley: Libertad]

Tommarow is my first College concert....oh yippie..I hate the music selection that our music teacher is having us play..Its all classical Mozart type stuff..not that I hate classical and baroque music but Id like a bit of variety in the music we have to perform. Not only that but the musical is quite difficult to play...I was so unprepared to play clarinet in college and I realize high school concert band was just a bunch of BS...no offense to Mr. Lilore I love that guy and I loved band class so much...but in the real musical world its not all fun and games...not that Ididnt try hard in high school band, but i certainly have to take things up a couple of notches here...So tommarow will probably be a very nerve racking performance....thank good theres 3 other clarinet players in my band who are all more experienced than me. I have to say the biggest difference about being in a college band is that the teaches expects you to know not only the notes but the dynamics in it and the tempo whether its a grave or a presto or what not... Theres also a difference in the notes..instead of saying Eb we call it D# and G# is Ab...it can get confusing sometimes becuase im so adjusted to interperet notes in a different way. I was certainly overwhelmed the first few weeks of practicing but i know I will come out of this a better instrumentalist